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Assessment 2: Final Work

During my research process, I discovered that no artwork, no matter what it is, or how it has been made, could possibly match the joyous, serene and embracing experience as one receives from being outside in the natural environment.  After trying to find a way to replicate this sensation, I was only to discover that it cannot be reproduced - it belongs to the power of nature, and cannot be sourced from anywhere else.

After coming to terms with this discovery, I decided my final work should demonstrate this by being simple and abstract.  Any literal interpretation of the natural environment would only fail to serve justice to the subject, and thus it would stand only as a dull mimic of the natural world.

The three final drawings made with Indian ink and a calligraphy pen, are an extrapolation of the drawings that came to me while I was sitting at Coogee Beach.  The concentric circles are an expression of the sense of peace derived from the environment; they symbolise openness, fulfilment and wellbeing.  The three different colour palettes and varying patterns are representative of water, vegetation and earth.  These elements to me are the most prominent when people seek the outdoor environment.  The abstract interpretations of the natural world allow the audience to search for their own meaning behind the work, and hopefully this journey will lead them to the discovery of the energizing experience I tried to symbolize.

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